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Golden Fiduciary Services (GFS) is a 25+ year old, full-service trust company. GFS is a trust service office of Midwest Trust Company (MTC), a Kansas non-depository trust company regulated and examined by the Office of the State Banking Commissioner of Kansas.

Our roots are firmly planted in the world of Special Needs Trust, with which we are intimately familiar. In fact, owing to the depth and breadth of our two decades of experience, we consider ourselves to be the Special Needs trust company. About ten years ago we started receiving numerous inquiries about our serving as a trustee for non-Special Needs trusts. Quickly realizing that our skill set could easily be transferred to these other types of trusts, we began to apply the lessons and experience of Special Needs to a much wider area of trust work: Support and Asset Protection Trusts, Successor (future contingent) Trusteeships, and Investment Management. Today this non-Special Needs area represents about 50% of our business.

At the core of our corporate culture–regardless of the type of trust–is our commitment to work tirelessly addressing the life issues of our beneficiaries, their families and circles of support. Our team of caring professionals gets to know our clients and gives them ongoing, personal attention.

From the outset we work with our clients and their families to determine beneficiaries’ needs and how best to apply trust funds to meet those needs. We create an Investment Policy Statement that drives how funds in the trust can most effectively be invested to meet short- and long-term financial goals. We take very seriously our responsibility to put trust dollars to work. Because we know our clients well, we are able to accurately manage cashflow needs and the investment mix. We take pride in our ability to manage cash and to develop portfolios that are consistent with each individual beneficiary’s financial profile.

This is just the beginning of our involvement with clients. There is a saying among GFS employees: “We are all client advocates.” Each of us is involved in helping clients live up to their potential, not focusing on what they cannot do. We stand ready to provide personalized services: from assisting in the purchase of a home to seeking out specialized medical care or budgeting for a new car. In short, our clients become part of our family and vice versa.

We know and understand public benefits and available resources for people with disabilities. Our employees have intimate, working knowledge of special needs individuals and their trusts. Some of us have decades of experience, insight and empathy that come from having close relatives with disabilities as well as working with persons with disabilities and their families. This combined knowledge and experience translate into sound, effective advice and high personalized service to all our clients.

Our dedication to our clients includes being available to them 24/7.