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Preparing your Caregiver Instructions

If you are no longer around, what does a future caregiver need to know?

The first step in preparing your Caregiver Instructions is to ask yourself several questions about your Special Needs loved one. These questions will help you answer the one basic question: what does a future caregiver need to know?  These questions should cover topics including medical care, social activities, religious desires, education capabilities, preferred residence, and behavior management – just to name a few.

Your Caregiver Instructions should be a clear blueprint of your loved one; providing a history of the individual and offering guidance for their future care. Although not a legal document, you should sign and date the instructions, using them as an opportunity to clearly define your desires for your loved one.  In other words, a signed copy of your Caregiver Instructions will ensure that all future caregivers are fully aware of your intent.  Furthermore, even though not considered a legal document, a fully executed Caregiver Instructions will generally be accepted in court by a judge and can be used to demonstrate the parents intent in a legal case, if necessary.

Overall, your instructions should include your hopes and desires for a loved one’s future, should offer moral guidance and support to each future caregiver, and should clearly state your values and philosophies.

Although we encourage you to use a computer to print up your Caregiver Instructions, you can certainly hand write your personal document. Putting it on your computer allows for easy updates and changes; however, there is no requirement to having the document typed. If you do use a computer, make sure you print out a hard copy with your signature and a current date and then go back and update the document at least once per year with additions, subtractions, changes, and current information.

A complete, accurate, and up-to-date set of Caregiver Instructions can simplify the transition process and allow for the quality care that you desire to be implemented.  Think about what you want others to know and start putting it down on paper.

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