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Financial Concerns when planning for a Special Needs person

When planning for the future of a Special Needs loved one, having a financial game plan is essential. You need to consider where future funding will come from, what are some possible future costs, and how to estimate their needs.  Please keep in mind these simple concerns when putting together your financial plan for the future of your Special Needs loved one.


  • Funding a Special Needs Trust, considering Government benefits as a supplement.
  • Funding a Special Needs Trust, considering that NO Government benefits will be available.
  • Your estate, your assets
  • Inheritance from other family members
  • Life Insurance
  • Legal Settlement

Possible Future Costs

  • Advocacy for the Special Needs individual
  • Trust Administration
  • Investment Advice
  • Housing
  • Transportation
  • Extra Medical/Dental Care
  • Capital Items – TV, furniture, games, etc.
  • Accountant for taxes
  • Hobbies and Interests

Factors when Estimating Needs

  • Calculate current spending over and above Government benefits
  • Current monthly spending habits
  • Adjustments for inflation
  • Life Expectancy
  • Your current Net Worth
  • Expected Investment Return
  • Provide monthly needs from investment returns (income vs. principal)
  • Use investment returns (income) and principal
  • Adjustments for taxes

Please contact a Golden Financial Services Advisor today. We are available if you have any planning questions or concerns. Please note that we are financial advisors and would enjoy the opportunity to sit down with you to discuss these financial concerns.

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