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Durable Powers of Attorney

What is it and what does it do?  A competent, responsible adult should consider having a Durable Powers of Attorney.  This legal document allows a person (the Principal) to appoint another person or organization (the Agent or Attorney-in-fact) to act on his or her behalf in all matters designated in the document.  Any person choosing to create a Powers of Attorney must be competent – able to understand the consequences of the power of attorney – in order to establish the document.  The Powers of Attorney is a document and not a person.  The person that is appointed in the document is an agent or an attorney-in-fact.

There are two kinds of Powers of Attorney to consider.  A Medical or Health Care Durable Power of Attorney includes only medical decision-making authority and may be limited or broad in scope.  The second type, a Durable Power of Attorney for Property, includes financial and property decisions and may also be limited or broad.

Durable simply means the agency continues if the principal becomes incapacitated.  A power of attorney is durable if it has the appropriate wording within the document.  Keep in mind that the principal may change or revoke a durable power of attorney at any time.  Additionally, an agent may not be able to override the principal’s wishes even if the principal is assessed as incapacitated.

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