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Caregiver Instructions

The Caregiver Instructions are just as the name implies – a set of instructions for a future caregiver. A set of written, morally binding instructions that communicate your desires and concerns for your special needs loved one. The document should cover hopes, dreams, desires, and goals for your loved one, vital statistics about the individual, details about what works well or not so well for your loved one, suggestions about what changes might be needed in the future, and a list of individuals that are important in your loved one’s life. In essence, the set of instructions are created for future caregivers to step directly into the parent’s shoes. They should contain all of the information that a parent needs to pass on to successfully care for their loved one.

Take a look at our Life Plan Builder section which has helpful information to assist you in the construction of your own set of Caregiver Instructions. Also, feel free to contact a Golden Financial Services Advisor with any questions or comments about this critical part of your Life Plan for a special loved one.

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