Special Needs Trust Review

It is a good idea to have a professional trustee review your Special Needs Trust document. If you have just created a Trust or need your existing Trust reviewed, a professional trustee can provide you a review from a Corporate Trustees perspective. Although they are NOT attorneys and will NOT provide legal advice, a professional trustee works with (and lives with) the instructions contained in a Trust document every day. In essence, they are able to provide you details on how the Trust language reads from an administrative point of view, utilizing their trustee expertise. Read more

Ten Tips

A new year tends to cause many of us to think about our personal financial situation.  Holiday bills, rising prices, kids getting older, household maintenance – you name it and there is good reason to think about your money.  Although “money doesn’t buy happiness”, properly managing your money can eliminate stress and help you live life more fully.  Here are ten tips to help you start the new year off right: Read more

Our Sister Company – Golden Fiduciary Services, LLC

Golden Fiduciary Services (GFS) specializes in the full-service management of Special Needs Trusts for individuals with disabilities.   They also act as a trustee for Support Trusts and Asset Protection Trusts.  GFS’s activities include in-house due diligence related to current and potential future investment vehicles and overall portfolio management, accounting, budgeting, bill payment, tax coordination and other related services as defined below. Read more