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Special Needs Trust Review

It is a good idea to have a professional trustee review your Special Needs Trust document. If you have just created a Trust or need your existing Trust reviewed, a professional trustee can provide you a review from a Corporate Trustees perspective. Although they are NOT attorneys and will NOT provide legal advice, a professional trustee works with (and lives with) the instructions contained in a Trust document every day. In essence, they are able to provide you details on how the Trust language reads from an administrative point of view, utilizing their trustee expertise.

Your particular Special Needs Trust is a simply set of instructions for the Trustee specified in your document to follow. You need to make sure those instructions are clear so that you can be confident that your loved one is well served in the future and your ultimate wishes are carried out. A professional trustee can review your document and make sure the functionality of the document follows your desires and wishes. They can ensure that there is no conflicting language in the document that contradicts your wishes. And finally, they are able to compare your plans with the document and determine if they are congruent with one another.

Our sister company, Golden Fiduciary Services, is a corporate (professional) trustee for many Special Needs Trusts. Please consider having them take a look at your specific Trust document and provide the review you need.

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