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There seems to be some misunderstanding about this website and the financial tool it contains.  I have heard a number of folks quickly say they are not interested because they already have “someone” managing their money for them.  Well, if I may, I would like to try and clear up some of the confusion.

This site is NOT about managing money, but about managing your life as it relates to your Special Needs child.  In fact, the Life Plan Builder (the process of building an Life Plan Binder) is NOT going to tell you how to manage your investments, where to put your retirement dollars, or how much to save for college for your kids.  Rather, it IS going to help you organize three different aspects of your life into one simple location – your personal, legal, and your financial information into the Life Plan Binder.

Certainly you already understand the importance of getting organized for your loved one’s benefit?  It is likely that you have a financial planner helping you with your savings and investments.  You probably also have an estate planning attorney that has created an extensive set of legal documents for you, hopefully including a Special Needs Trust.  And, you should already have an idea of who will take care of your loved if you and your spouse pass away.  However, if something happens to you, do the right people know where to find your financial statements, your insurance policies, or your estate documents.  Furthermore, do they have clear, written instructions from you on your goals and desires for your loved one, your philosophy on your investments, or how much money is available to care for their future.

The Life Plan Builder will guide you through the process of organizing all these important details into one simple location… one binder to give the right person all the answers to their questions.  It is YOUR responsibility to make sure they have what they need if something should happen to you.  So, get organized today and give yourself and your family the peace of mind you deserve.


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