Ten Tips

A new year tends to cause many of us to think about our personal financial situation.  Holiday bills, rising prices, kids getting older, household maintenance – you name it and there is good reason to think about your money.  Although “money doesn’t buy happiness”, properly managing your money can eliminate stress and help you live life more fully.  Here are ten tips to help you start the new year off right: Read more

Special Needs Trust Annual Budget

In planning for your loved one’s future (or if you are already administering a trust as the trustee), one of the critical steps you need to take is calculating how much the beneficiary can spend per year (or per month) for a given trust value.  Based on the current value (or your estimated trust value based on what you plan to leave the trust when you are no longer around), you can make a few simple calculations. Read more

Budgeting for a Special Needs loved one

Are you planning for the future of your Special Needs loved one?  Often the first question you will ask is, “how much money will they need in the future”?  The answer to that simple question is not so simple.  There is a complex array of factors that you must consider when carefully making this assessment.  Additionally, the number you come up with today may not be the same number you come up with later on down the road.  The amount required of your loved one will be a moving target as circumstances change, needs or desires change, or abilities of the individual change.  Therefore, you should do your best to plan for today, and make adjustments as often as necessary. Read more