Helping Clients Get the Greatest Benefit from Their Special Needs Trust

Golden Fiduciary Services (GFS) provides a substitute parental support system for the beneficiaries of Special Needs Trusts.

Our knowledge, flexibility and creativity are hallmarks of our successful, long-term management of Special Needs Trusts. What follow are some examples.

When a parent chooses to leave his/her job or can’t work and needs to stay home in order to take care of a disabled child, the economic dislocation this often causes can be damaging to the family’s financial stability. Under the right circumstances, utiliizing an employee leasing program, we may be able to pay a caregiver salary to the parent. We also know how trust funds may be applied for respite care, client advocacy, evaluations, therapies and wellness programs, as well as vacations for the beneficiary and possibly up to two caregivers. Depending on the total dollars in the trust as well as other factors, it may be possible to consider the purchase of a home and it’s maintenance, acquisition of a vehicle, as well as paying for various types of insurance. There is very little that GFS does not get involved in for its beneficiaries’ well-being.

Our involvement in the lives of our beneficiaries has given us the understanding that beneficiaries need more than money. They need an organization that will be a circle of support and help with their daily life issues.

We take care of people…and their money. These are the words we live by. We consistently strive to go the extra mile for our clients.