Life Plan Builder

The Life Plan Builder

We have created a system to help you develop a much needed Special Needs Life Plan for your special individual.  Our unique system is called the Life Plan Builder and it will guide you through the entire process of building your own Life Plan. Please select one of the Steps below to start or continue your Life Plan binder today! If you have already started, please reference your Life Plan Builder Checklist to determine where you left off the last time you worked on your Life Plan Binder.

What is a Special Needs Life Plan?

Special Needs ChildA Special Needs Life Plan is the composition of personal, legal, and financial information into one comprehensive “Parental Substitute System” for the benefit of a person with a disability.
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Start a new Life Plan

Go to START: Just getting started?

Caregiver Instructions

Go to STEP 1: Caregiver Instructions

Circle of Support

Go to STEP 2: Personal Information.

Legal Docs

Go to STEP 3: Legal Documents

Put the puzzle pieces together

Go to STEP 4: Financial Information.

Final Pieces to complete Life Plan

Go to STEP 5: Taxes, Insurance and Other.

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Build Relationships

Building your plan is only a part of the process.  You will also need to build a relationship with your family, friends, and professional advisors.  Build a Life Plan and then make sure the right people are aware of your plan and know how to find and execute your plan.  The Life Plan Builder will certainly help you build your plan.  It will then be up to you to make sure you build the right relationships with the right people.  Golden Financial Services would enjoy the opportunity to be a part of your plan and would be glad to start building a relationship with you today. Contact us at 303-459-5651.