About the Life Plan Builder

What is a Special Needs Life Plan?

A Special Needs Life Plan is the organization of your personal planning, legal planning, and financial planning into one comprehensive plan for the benefit of a person with a disability.

Special Needs Planning

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Combining the three planning areas into one plan will ensure the future success of your loved one. Today, YOU are the one taking care of your special needs individual. However, if something should happen to you…

  • Who will step into your shoes?
  • Who will be the advocate for your loved one to make sure they have proper housing, proper medical care, are safe from predators (personally and financially), or are continuing to enjoy their hobbies, activities, and special interests?
  • Who is the person (or organization) you have in mind and do they know everything they need know about your loved one?
  • Do you have a set of instructions for the future caregiver to follow?
  • Are there funds available to properly care for your loved one when you are gone?

In other words, do you have a plan… a PLAN that describes your wishes, details your special persons’ likes and dislikes, provides legal instructions to future caregivers, lists your loved one’s circle of support, and supplies the necessary funding for their lifetime? Click Here to Start Building Your Life Plan Today!