Getting Started

Life Plan Builder Purpose

Golden PlanThe primary purpose of the Life Plan Builder is to help you create a Life Plan Binder for your Special Needs Loved One.  To ensure the quality of life of a special person in your life, you need to pass along important information to future caregivers.  We want your Special Person to continue to enjoy the same (or better) lifestyle you have created for them if something should happen to you.  The Life Plan Builder process will help you organize your plan into one, easy-to-access Life Plan Binder… a binder that will prove critical for a smooth transition in the future.

Life Plan Builder Components

The Life Plan Builder will integrate personal planning, legal planning and financial planning into one comprehensive Special Needs Life Plan.  We have devised 5 Steps to cover all the bases and help you build your Plan.

Step 1 – Caregiver InstructionsOrganize

Step 2 – Personal Information

Step 3 – Legal Documents

Step 4 – Financial Information

Step 5 – Taxes, Insurance & Other

Before You Start

First things first!  Before you start working on your plan, you need to

  1. Purchase of 3-Ring Binder (11/2” to 2″ binder works the best)
  2. Purchase a colorful set of 5-Tab Index Dividers for the binder
  3. Label to 5-Tabs with the titles you see in the 5 steps listed above.  For example, Tab 1 should be labeled Caregiver Instructions, Tab 2 Personal Information, and so on.
  4. Print the Life Plan Builder Checklist to help you keep track of your progress as you complete your Life Plan Binder.

Use the binder, when instructed, to place the important documents, checklists, or forms that you will be creating throughout the process.

All of the forms available at the Life Plan Builder Download Center are in both Acrobat Adobe (*.pdf) format and Microsoft Word (*.doc) format.  The Word documents can be filled-in, saved to your computer, and re-opened from your computer files for future updates and editing.  The Adobe file is easiest if you just want to print the page(s) and complete by hand with a pen.  Please click here if you need to download Adobe Reader.
Are you ready to begin?  
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