Step 3 – Legal Documents

Life Plan Builder Step 3 – Legal Documents

This essential part of your planning requires the use of a qualified estate planning attorney, preferably one that specializes or is familiar with Special Needs trusts.  Please see our Resources section for a comprehensive list of attorneys that are not only great estate planning attorneys, but work extensively with families in your situation.

Follow this checklist to complete Step 3

  • Print the Step 3 Cover Sheet for your binder
  • Complete the form Your Estate Documents (this form lists all your documents and the location of the originals).
    1. Option 1 – Open the Your Estate Documents Adobe PDF version, print, and fill in the blanks with a pen.
    2. Option 2 – Open the Your Estate Documents Microsoft Word DOC version, complete the appropriate sections, save it to your computer, and then print out a copy for your binder.
  • Legal DocumentsInsert the completed form into your binder behind Tab 3.
  • Insert a copy* of your Special Needs Trust into your binder.
  • Insert a copy* of your Wills, Living Trusts, Powers of Attorney, or any of your other important legal documents into your binder.
  • Insert a copy* of all your other important documents, licenses, agreements, certificates, or deeds into your binder.  Check out this list of potential documents that may be a part of your estate and need to be included in your Life Plan Binder.

*Be sure to keep your originals in a safe place (safe deposit box, home safe, fire box, etc) and only keep a working copy of your important documents in your Life Plan Binder.

Our sister company, Golden Fiduciary Services, is a corporate trustee specializing in the Special Needs arena.  If you are in need of a Trust Review, our sister company will review your Special Needs trust document from the administrative perspective of corporate fiduciary.  Working with Special Needs trusts every day, the trust officers at Golden Fiduciary Services can let you know how your particular trust works and how that matches your intentions.  This is not a legal review from an attorney, but rather “real life” review from a trustee that would potentially need to live with the instructions in your trust document. Please visit our consulting page if you would like your trust reviewed today.

You should review and update your Legal Documents from time to time to be certain that they are complete and current.  Your attorney can help you make sure the documents are up-to-date with current regulations and legislative rules.  Additionally, share with your attorney your specific wishes and make sure your documents reflect those desires.  Finally, consider our sister company, Golden Fiduciary Services, to help you make sure your Special Needs Trust is consistent with your wishes for the future of your Special Needs loved one.  Again, check out our Professional Consulting for this special service.

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