Step 5 – Taxes, Insurance and Other

Life Plan Builder Step 5 – Taxes, Insurance and Other

Final Pieces to complete Life PlanThe final section of your Life Plan binder collects important tax, insurance and miscellaneous information for use at critical times.  It is the last piece of your plan and should include recent tax forms, current insurance policies, and other essential details related to your Special Needs loved one.  This final step will guide you through the process of listing all your insurances and gives you a convenient place to store copies of your tax returns and insurance policies.

Follow this checklist to complete Step 5

  • Print the Step 5 Cover Sheet for your binder
  • Insert a copy of your most recent Federal and State tax forms in your binder behind Tab 5.
  • Complete the form Insurance List (this form lists all of the insurance you carry, including policy numbers and phone numbers).
    1. Option 1 – Open the Insurance List Adobe PDF version, print, and fill in the blanks with a pen.
    2. Option 2 – Open the Insurance List Microsoft Word DOC version, fill in the blanks, save it to your computer, and then print out a copy for your binder when completed.
  • Insert the completed Insurance List form in your Life Plan binder behind Tab 5.
  • Insert a copy* of any Health Insurance policy information for your Special Needs loved one.  Include any information on current government benefits, if applicable.
  • Insert a copy* of any Life Insurance policies that are either on the life of your Special Needs loved one or are for their benefit in the future.
  • Insert a copy* of any other insurance policies related to your Special Needs loved one.
  • Consult with your Insurance Agent for a comprehensive review of your insurance needs.  It is paramount that you make sure you are properly covered in case of your own disability, long-term care needs, or death.  Taking care to insure yourself and important family members is critical in the planning for your Special Needs loved one’s future.
  • Insert any other pertinent information that you feel compelled to include (list of passwords, PIN numbers, safe combinations, certificates, awards, copy of wallet contents, copy of drivers license, etc.)

*Be sure to keep your originals in a safe place (safe deposit box, home safe, fire box, etc) and only keep a working copy of your important documents in your Life Plan Binder.

You should review your Insurance Needs from time to time to be certain that they are complete and current. Your Insurance Agent can help you make sure you are up-to-date with the coverage you need.


You have completed your Life Plan Binder. The result should be a comprehensive Life Plan Binder full of important and critical information at your fingertips.

This fantastic collection of information will help any future caregivers, support staff, trustees, family members, and advisors with the care of your Special Needs loved one.

Now that you have finished, you should have the peace of mind you deserve in knowing that you have a system in place, providing the right people the tools to be able to step into your shoes if you are no longer around.

We would love to hear from you. If you would like to provide some feedback on the process of creating your Life Plan Binder, please feel free to submit your comments below. Thank you in advance for taking the time to offer your opinion… we value your input.