Update your Life Plan

Update Your Life Plan

It is critical that you update your Life Plan binder periodically (at least annually) to make sure all of your information is current and accurate.  Please use the following questions to help ensure you are staying up-to-date:

  • Do you need to update your Caregiver Instructions?
  • Have you moved or changed jobs and need to update your Personal Information?
  • Has your legal paperwork been updated based on new laws or regulations?
  • Has your family grown or added any members?
  • Have you started a new business?
  • Has your investment portfolio changed in value?
  • Have you made any new investments (i.e. new stocks, bonds or real estate)?
  • Have you purchased or changed any insurance?
  • Are you sending kids to college?
  • Are you approaching retirement?

The nice part about having a binder completed is that is makes adding or subtracting information very easy.  If you need to make a change, simply insert the new document, the updated form, or a new form into the appropriate section of your binder.  You will inherently find yourself keeping current just by adding or subtracting information as you go.

To start a new form, use the links to the right (under Life Plan Builder) and go to the Step that corresponds with the appropriate section of your binder.  You will find the necessary form there.

To update a form, hopefully you saved your existing form on your computer.  Please open the file, make the necessary changes, and print a new copy to replace the outdated information in your binder.

Please consider meeting with your professional advisors (attorney, investment advisor, insurance agent, etc.) to ensure the accuracy and completeness of your Special Needs Life Plan.