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Our Services

Golden Fiduciary Services (GFS) specializes in the full-service management of Special Needs Trusts for individuals with disabilities. We also act as a trustee for Support Trusts and Asset Protection Trusts. (Fees for these trusts are available upon request.) GFS’s activities include in-house due diligence related to current and potential future investment vehicles and overall portfolio management, accounting, budgeting, bill payment, tax coordination and other related services as defined below.

The ongoing, annual fee covers:

  • All financial-related services including bill paying, general accounting, record keeping, coordination of trust tax return preparation, etc.
  • Preparation of annual state reporting documents and court reports (as may be required). (Attorney’s fees, as well as those for other outside consultants, are NOT included.)
  • Coordination with professional service providers including experts in taxation, real estate, financial planning, estate planning, etc.
  • Portfolio management, due diligence, direction and reporting of the investment portfolio.
  • Professional fiduciary services and guidance for co-trustees and interested parties.
    Periodic financial accountings to the beneficiary, required legal authorities, co-trustees, etc.
  • Maintenance of custodial accounts.
  • Compliance with all POM (Procedural Operations Manuals)/Medicaid regulation requirements for distributions to beneficiaries of Special Needs Trusts. This is done to preserve the beneficiary’s eligibility for benefits.
  • Monitoring regulatory changes in various benefits programs.
  • Golden Fiduciary Services offers a unique set of services for the management of Special Needs Trusts. GFS is one of the few private corporate trustees offering in-house public benefit compliance. We work to ensure that all trust distributions are compliant with the Social Security Administration’s Procedural Operations Manual (POMs) and Medicaid regulations. In addition, GFS works to maximize the various public benefits available to the Special Needs Trust beneficiary and coordinates private and public funds in an effort to create a better quality of life for the beneficiary.
  • Golden Fiduciary Services also offers Trust beneficiaries a wide range of client advocacy services, on an hourly basis, above and beyond those listed above.