Safeguarding Client Assets

We have taken great care to ensure that our clients’ assets are as safe and secure as possible. Assets are covered in a number of different ways:

Midwest Trust Company (MTC): Golden Fiduciary Services, LLC (GFS) is a trust service office of Midwest Trust Company (MTC), a Kansas non-depository trust company regulated and examined by the Office of the State Banking Commissioner of Kansas. GFS is independently owned and operated.Ā  However, as a trust service office of MTC, GFS is covered by a Financial Institution Bond as well as Management Liability and Fiduciary Liability Insurance which safeguard your assets.

Oversight by Regulators: Operating under MTC’s charter, GFS’ activities are subject to comprehensive regulatory oversight, including periodic exams. All assets must be properly accounted for and all transactions clearly documented. Furthermore, MTC carries liability insurance and meets or exceeds all other client protections and reserves required by its regulator. In addition, an annual review is conducted by an independent CPA firm.

Fidelity Institutional Wealth ServicesĀ®: FIWS is the conduit through which institutional clients bundle and transact their trades of mutual funds. FIWS is insured by the SIPC. The individual mutual fund companies themselves maintain the records of who owns which funds and in what amounts.

Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC): We disburse funds on behalf of our clients via a Master Demand Deposit Account. The FDIC insures the money in this account.

Internal Safeguards: GFS requires two signatures on all client disbursements above $1,000. A monthly review is conducted by upper management on each account’s activity. In addition to the building’s own security features, GFS’ office is also protected by a separate security system which is monitored by a 24-hour alarm service with police response. Extensive computer server, online activity, email and login practices and policies are strictly adhered to in order to provide maximum security for assets and confidential information.

Trust Investment Committee and Trust Advisory Committee Review: MTC and GFS committees meet on a monthly basis to review all accounts over the course of each year. The review encompasses investments, portfolio allocation vs. investment objectives statement, budgets, disbursements and general client activity.

Investment Approach: Above and beyond our extensive regulatory and internal safeguards, GFS seeks to provide safety and security through our conservative yet proactive approach to investing. Within this conservative territory, there are greater and lesser degrees of conservativeness. Where a given portfolio allocation falls on such a scale will depend, among other things, on the age of the beneficiary, known/assumed financial needs of the beneficiary over time, and input from the beneficiary and/or circle of support. We view the trust dollars for the majority of our clients as being the equivalent of retirement dollars. Therefore, it is paramount that we protect each beneficiary’s invested assets to the greatest extent possible.