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This website is designed to help you ensure that you have:

Organize your Special Needs Life Plan

Organize your Special Needs Life Plan

  • Your set of Caregiver Instructions
  • A Circle of Support for your Special Needs loved one
  • The correct Legal Documents including a Special Needs Trust
  • A sound financial picture with enough funds to take care of your loved one in the future
  • The tools and resources you need today to create your plan
  • The proper guidance to tackle the complex legal and financial issues
  • You can put together a complete plan on your own with the tools contained within this site
  • You can utilize our consulting services to help you create your plan
  • You can use a combination of the two – use the website to do-it-yourself for some things and use our professional consulting for the more complex things all at the same time

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Start a new Life Plan
START: Just getting started? This section will provide you the ground work to start your new Life Plan. It contains the initial instructions, checklists, and the materials you need to get started. Click the image above to get started.
Caregiver Instructions Questions
STEP 1: Caregiver Instructions. This step covers the ever-important document called the Caregiver Instructions, which is written by you. This document expresses your hopes and desires for the future care and treatment of your special needs loved one. If there is ever any question as to your overall desires, reference can be made to this very personal Caregiver Instructions.
Circle of Support
STEP 2: Personal Information. Following the Caregiver Instructions is your basic personal information, including the people in your family and in your network of support. Click the image above to go to Step 2.
Legal Docs
STEP 3: Legal Documents. The next step deals with your estate documents including your Last Will and Testament, Trusts, Powers of Attorney, and any other legal documents and agreements you may have. Click the image above to go to Step 3.
Put the puzzle pieces together
STEP 4: Financial Information. This step builds the financial information framework around your loved one. The finances are the fuel that run the entire plan. We will help you organize your income, expenses, assets, and liabilities into a simple and easy-to-find location. Click the image above to go to Step 4.
Final Pieces to complete Life Plan
STEP 5: Taxes, Insurance and Other. You are almost thereā€¦ one more step to take. This section collects all the other important informationā€¦ insurances, taxes, and miscellaneous items. Click the image above to go to Step 5.
Update Your Binder
UPDATE BINDER: Already have a Life Plan? This section will provide you some keys to helping you update your binder with your most recent information. Click the image above to update your Life Plan.